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Solar Park chair is a new theme of wireless, low-carbon and environmental protection wireless city replaced by traditional cable operation mode. It uses stainless steel structure materials combined with solar cells produced by high-efficiency solar high-crystalline silicon wafer and tempered glas ...
As a green energy product, solar street lamp has the characteristics of simple installation, no need for professional electricians or installers, low voltage stable operation, safety and reliability, high light efficiency, long life, etc. ...


Fifteen years of focus on solar lighting manufacturing

Jiangsu Riyue Street Lamp Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to urban public lighting and indoor and outdoor products, mainly engaged in solar energy intelligent seats, LED street lights, road lights, lamp poles, courtyard lights, road lamps, lawn lamps and other product series, and obtained ISO9002-2000, CCC and road construction qualification level 2 certification. The company covers an area of 68000m2, with 1200T CNC bending machine grade steel rod production line, an ... View More >>


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